Gifts with Heart: Your Gift Studio's Artistry of Emotions

by Priyank Chheda on May 14, 2024

Gifts with Heart: Your Gift Studio's Artistry of Emotions

Discovering Our Being-

YOUR GIFT STUDIO, a pioneering brand that specializes in personalized vegan luxury gifting, founded in 2019 by Raj Chheda, this family-owned business has witnessed remarkable growth year on year, thanks to the overwhelming love and support of its customers.

Target Customers:

Personalized Solutions for Every Occasion

Your Gift Studio caters to a diverse range of customers, ensuring personalized solutions for every occasion. The brand understands the importance of family-oriented gifting, offering a unique family combo with the same color or pattern for everyone.

College Students and Young Adults:

for Affordable and Memorable Gifts

For college students and young adults, Your Gift Studio offers affordable yet memorable gifts for special occasions like birthdays, graduations, farewells, and friendship days. These personalized gifts serve as tokens of love and celebration, strengthening emotional bonds between friends and loved ones.


A Gesture of Love and Remembrance

For couples, Your Gift Studio presents an opportunity to send a personal gift to one's partner, reminding them of cherished memories and special moments. Whether it's an occasion, a specific need, or just a gesture of love, personalized gifts create a lasting impression that touches the heart.

Personalized gift

Festival Gifting:

Spreading Happiness with Personalized Touch

Your Gift Studio's biggest months are during festivals like Valentine's Day, Rakshabandhan, and Diwali. The brand offers an ideal platform to gift extended family members with personalized gifts adorned with family names, adding a personal touch to festive celebrations.

Our Values-

Giving Back and Being Sustainable

Raj Chheda's commitment to giving back to society is an integral part of Your Gift Studio's values. The brand aims to donate 10% of its profits, once it achieves a 20 crore profit milestone, towards various charitable causes. This philanthropic approach ensures that each purchase contributes to making a positive impact on society.

Promoting Sustainability and Supporting Small Businesses

Your Gift Studio takes its responsibility towards the environment seriously. By striving to minimize environmental impact, waste, and energy consumption, the brand actively promotes sustainability. Additionally, the brand collaborates with small businesses, working hand in hand to help India's entrepreneurial ecosystem grow.


Your Gift Studio, led by the visionary founder Raj Chheda, is more than just a gifting brand. It's a celebration of love, joy, and heartfelt connections through personalized vegan luxury products. By catering to a diverse range of customers, Your Gift Studio has transformed gifting into a memorable and personal experience. As the brand continues to grow, its values of giving back, sustainability, and supporting small businesses will remain at the core of its journey. Embrace the spirit of personalization and make every occasion special with Your Gift Studio.

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